Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cruisin' In With Christmas

Christmas is currently parading through Most Anywhere, USA.
Don't miss your chance to join in on the fun!

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artquest1 said...

I am very impressed with your eye and your vision. Certainly you have skill, but skill is pretty easy to come by - you merely find out what needs to be done, and practice a lot - skill follows whether it's learning to bowl, learning the multiplication tables, and yes, learning how to utilize aperture, depth of field and the "rule of thirds."
What is not so easy to acquire is your piercing and eloquent images. They say everyone is "a great photographer" at the Grand Canyon or The Eiffel Tower (they're wrong, but people still think that) but it takes a great deal of pure vision to find such everyday beauty in the common and ordinary vistas that can be found but a few miles from home.
I very much admire your work!
Happy shooting! Bob